Function of the SchoolThe main function of the School Board is to improve the performance of their schools.
Major responsibilities of the School Board
Developing annual budgets to run the school system

Creating and adopting district policies
Hiring and evaluating the superintendent.
Overseeing board meetings and taking action that serves students and aligns with the priorities of their district.

As Taxpayers you have a right to know
$2,500,000.00 Budget deficit going into 2023-24 school year resulting in:
Budget cuts to services and staffing
The district that has had 6 consecutive years of declining enrollment
On the table for coming year is a $40,000,000 tax increase

Elected officials should be available, open and transparent
The policy for this school board is as follows; you cannot speak to them before school board meetings, during school board meetings or after school board meetings. The only way to communicate is through email. In Iowa we vet Presidential candidates by being up close and personal and asking questions. Why doesn’t this board speak with the people they represent?


This election we can do better, be better for the children, teachers and parents.

I am asking to be your voice. Come November 7th vote Kevin Slaman for Linn-Mar School Board.


Join Kevin