My name is Kevin Slaman and I am a candidate for Linn-Mar School Board. I am asking you to take a few minutes and review some information that has been compiled to better inform you about the role of the school board, where we stand, and what the direction of our future is.

Up for election on November 7th are four seats. These seats are elected in an at-large format. Every voter in the Linn-Mar district gets four votes, and the four candidates with the most votes are elected to the board to serve a 4-year term. School board elections are non-partisan positions. This means there are no political party associations. Also, school boards members are not paid to serve. These positions are voluntary, elected roles.

Because the school board has a TAXING AUTHORITY, whether you have children in the district or you’re just a person residing in the Linn Mar district you are affected by the decisions that the School Board renders.

In 2019 the last election cycle for these seats, less than 15% of eligible voters in the Linn-Mar district turned out. Those voters decided for the non-voters who and how their tax dollars would be spent.

One of the reasons I am running is to maintain focus on what are the needs for the school district and not the wants.

On November 7th I am asking for your vote. Kevin Slaman for Linn-Mar School Board. Don’t let your tax dollars be wasted.

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